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Mafanikio Academy

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Mafanikio Academy is a one stop training, coaching, mentoring and counselling centre for all people who would like to succeed in everything they would like to do, whether in employment, Business or politics. It empowers people to succeed by enabling them to identify opportunities and reduce obstacles in their life.

It is the Academy that enables people to learn, develop and transform in whenever they would like to do. It not only trains them, but guides them toward achieving their set goals through coaching, mentoring and sometimes counselling.

It is a destination for anyone who would like to succeed in whenever they want to do.

Our Solutions

To be a leading one stop shop in Tanzania for empowering people to make wise life choices, instilling in them a sense of self-worth, purpose, sustainable growth and hope for the future to achieve quality of life and unlimited successful achievement potentials in their life.
To provide innovative training, counselling, mentoring and coaching that will enable our clients to maximize their unlimited growth potential in their organisation, business life and community in their pursuit to successful life. The Academy guide them on a path to success and achieve wherever they are dreaming about.
Innovation, Creativity, Empowerment and unlimited achievement potentials.
Your journey to Successful Life Starts and Ends with Us Here.